Below are videos of the 9/11 billboards you helped us build
on Interstate 40. Approximately 50 thousand cars a day
view it in Northern Arizona

It's time to build another one...
This time for the truth warrior himself Alex Jones.
Copyright 2009 CameraFRAUD 4409
We don't dream it, We do it!
You may also send donations by mail to:
P.O. Box 2655 Scottsdale, AZ 85252
We do not understand the concept of NO. The answer is always YES!

Please spread this link and the message to everyone you know...facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.

The billboard corporations like Clear Channel, CBS outdoor and others would not put our
message out no matter how much we offered. The answer always came back NO!

Hmmmmm, ok, you won't let us advertise,
then we will just build our own damn billboards :)
Donate to help build the Alex Jones billboard
Alex Jones is not affiliated with 4409, or this event.
We are just a few loosely organized people coming together to
dedicate a billboard to Alex Jones in appreciation for all of his hard work.
Poke the Bear Productions
As you can see below the 9/11 billboard cost us more than what we raised.
We promised to build it so we had to build it.
We lost so much that we just want to be sure we have enough before we start!
It's all up to you guys. If you want it built the donations will come.
Send donations by mail to:
Shelton T
P.O. Box 2655 Scottsdale, AZ 85252
4409 -- First RON PAUL 2012 billboard
The Revolution Continues...
ATTN: We had to find a new site
for this billboard.

We are hoping construction will
be done by March 21, 2013